The Kerlink Wirnet™ iFemtoCell gateway is a LoRaWAN® gateway perfectly designed for indoor public network extension or for ad-hoc indoor private coverage, like building or industrial sites requiring continuous connectivity for their IoT applications.
This version of the iFemtoCell integrates a Kerlink Helium compatible miner that comes ready to mine HNT and is part of the global Long Range Radio fixed network to provide M2M connectivity link between low power end-point and Internet Access.
The gateway architecture is specifically designed for the needs of indoor environments. High-performance product Innovative casing and low-cost solution multi-backhaul natively include (Ethernet, Wifi) Technical Exclusive Features (Secured elements, Wifi hotspot…) Open & Interoperable Linux Solution.
Kerlink miners will be deployed with a version of full miner that enables all mining features except being able to participate in consensus groups.
Key Features
Unlicensed band Long Range (LoRa®) bidirectional communications capabilities
Supported bands: 863-873 MHz & 915-928 MHz (depending on the version)
Highly secured device relying on a hardware secure core
Unit dimensions: 160 x 90 x 35mm (weight 500 g)
FCC/ETSI certified
Waterproof casing (IP30)
LongFi™ Technology

Kerlink iFemtoCel Helium Hotspot

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