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The Internet of We

Does IoT

Earn Passive Income.

Our Vision

Big telcos have too much power --they control the public's access to the free flow of information, charge too much, and poorly maintain monopolized networks.


We want to democratize internet service provisioning and access, giving those that use and operate the network equity in the heart of the information age.

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Our Story

We're riding the decentralization wave that's lowering barriers and bringing the people into big tech & finance and providing opportunities for disruption at every turn.

People-powered internet connectivity is just one stop on our journey to a people powered world:

                does IoT.


Our Technology

We leverage the Helium LongFi hotspot & blockchain technology to provide coverage and grow the The People's Network.


By using Proof of Coverage the network is able to reward participants for continuously demonstrating their internet connectivity & broadcast signal and for transferring data over the network.

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What is Helium?



So what exactly is "Helium"? We're glad you asked...

"How do I benefit..?"

IoWE brings you opportunity

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 11.47.05 PM.png


Host a hotspot

Host one of our hotspots at your residence, office, business, etc. Wherever you have authority over power & internet use. There are different ways to earn passive income.  We think the Helium network is one of the BEST!

You'll earn a share of the rewards the hotspot earns for providing coverage in your area. Get paid directly to your HNT wallet each term -- your funds, your keys.


Don't know the first thing about crypto? No worries, we'll help with that.

So what're you waiting for?

There are only


hotspots left!


Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

*Availability exclusive to US915-supported regions at this time.

How do I make money?

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