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Your Hosted Hotspot

Our hosted hotspots are configured to require the least amount of hands-on involvement for hosts, but occasionally circumstances beyond our control can affect your hotspot's ability to connect to the network and earn rewards. If you are experiencing any of these issues, we recommend first verifying the following:

  • ​Confirm power supply to both the hotspot and your Wi-Fi router (where applicable).​​

    • Occasionally either power can come unplugged/loose, or some power outlet fixtures can be unknowingly on a wall or other on/off switch that turns the outlet power supply off.​

  • Confirm your internet connection is working.

    • There are several factors that can affect your Wi-Fi connection from time to time. These include:​

      • ISP maintenance / service interruptions​

      • Power outages / equipment failure

      • Change of network configuration (change of network name or password, etc.)

      • Parental Controls and other third-party services that allow users to pause or disable internet connectivity.

    • The simplest way to check this is to confirm other devices on your network are able to connect to and use your network.

Relayed Status

If your hotspot is showing as "Relayed", check out this helpful explainer to better understand what this means and what you can do about it.

If you have read up on Relayed and how it relates to Port Forwarding -- we recommend locating your router manufacturer & model from this list for unit-specific guidance.

Helium Coverage Mapper

You can find our Helium Coverage Mapper documentation here.

You can also consult the Helium Official Discord #coverage-mapping channel*.

*Note that IoWE is not officially affiliated in any capacity with Helium, Inc. and therefore we cannot be responsible for third-party resources.

You can also search our blog for articles regarding your issue.

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