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IoWE Referrals : Freemium & Premium ToS Update

Good news! We've updated our hosting agreement Terms of Service to clarify & simplify our Host referral program. You can find the Host Terms of Service v1.4 for both our Freemium & Premium hosting options now at

Note that only previously approved hosts will be eligible for these referrals; if you're not yet a host, we encourage you to apply with as many host locations as you like!

Each approved & active (currently hosting at least 1 IoWE hotspot) Host will receive a code, which will [when used as captured below from the IoWE Discord] entitle the referring approved Host 10% of the referred party's hosted hotspot rewards each period!

(Minimal terms apply; see terms as cited above for details.)

Thanks for reading, everyone! Be sure to show off your #PurplePride with one of our made-to-order IoWE T-Shirts! And as always, thanks for helping build #ThePeoplesNetwork!

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