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Our Members

Our Affiliate Members help to support our cause of providing hosts a FREE hotspot.

From the start, our mission has always been to increase access to participation in & use of the Helium ecosystem -- #ThePeoplesNetwork.

Our members & their contributions underwrite our efforts to make our mission a reality. 

Our Story

The IoWE network began as a single Helium hotspot, and has since grown into a network of hundreds. This remarkable growth has only been possible through the collective efforts of our team & their contributions of time, energy & funding.

We certainly can't overstate the HUGE impact that each member of our team has had in furthering our mission, and how much the hard work is appreciated!

Likewise, we can't say enough about our Affiliate Members. They are the people that ultimately aid in underwriting our efforts to succeed in our mission and provide FREE access to hosts looking to grow #ThePeoplesNetwork.

Let's take this opportunity to shine a light on the profiles of people who help us put the WE in IoWE and do what we do best - GROW THE NETWORK!

Our Partners

Our business partners come from all walks of life -- see for yourself!

Our Partners

Services we leverage to serve you better.

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