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Put your hotspot fleet on autopilot

You've made the investment; let us do the work. Automate your fleet operations by listing your inventory on our matchmaking platform!


We'll operate, maintain, and support your hotspots, and provide accounting & payment processing services -- we locate and vet applicants to ensure the best earnings performance possible.

All for just 20% of gross earnings.*

*Host receives 40%. Owner receives 40%. IoWE receives 20%.



Complete a hotspot management agreement

Once you've contacted us with your proposed listing details below, we'll complete and send to you for review & signature a hotspot management agreement. This is a simple binding agreement on listing & management terms, described in our latest template copy here.


Risk Off Hosting

We understand how much anxiety can be involved in handing off your hardware to be placed with a host; IoWE will GUARANTEE your initial earnings up to your units' invoiced retail price! We're so confident in our placements, we will compensate the difference should you not see a net return on your investment within 180 days of placement.*


*See agreement (linked above) for details; terms & conditions apply.


Transfer hotspot ownership custody

When a hotspot management agreement has been completed and signed, you will initiate a transfer of your hotspot(s) to your assigned management account. As stated in our management agreement, you have the option at any time to reclaim custody of your hotspot(s).* Ship your hotspot(s) to our processing center to be listed and matched with our host applicants.

*Blockchain custody transfer only -- owner retains legal ownership of unit(s) per terms of agreement. Terms & conditions apply; see agreement for details.


Sit back & watch the HNT roll in

Once you've transferred custody and we've received your unit(s), they'll be matched with our approved hosts & deployed to start earning! You'll collect payment each pay period*, 100% hands-off.

*Current pay period is once per calendar month. See agreement for details.

Why IoWE?

We do better when you do better.

Support Services

We provide technical & customer support to you and your hosts to ensure your hotspots will maintain the best possible uptimes and peak earning performance.

Quality Locations

Our host applicant channel is vetted using localized parameters to tailor modeled estimates to each particular environment. We vet applicants to maintain a baseline earnings expectation, so you can rest assured your hotspots will be deployed to hosts with top earning potential.

Payment Processing

For each of your hotspots we track earnings, process payments to you and your hotspots' hosts, and provide the data you need to easily report earnings each tax season.

Let's Work Together

If you're interested in having your hotspots listed on our matchmaking platform and matched with well-qualified host locations (we model estimates with HotspotRF services and use minimum baseline requirements for approval), sign up here!


Email us  with any questions at

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