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Get Growing.

Grow #ThePeoplesNetwork by growing your own network.

Networking is what #ThePeoplesNetwork is all about. By creating your own network of individuals & partnerships, you can earn big just for showing them the door!

Holding Plant

How It Works

You, the Member

Becoming and earning as an IoWE Affiliate Member is easy -- you don't even have to host your own hotspot (but you can and should if you want to!)

As an IoWE Affiliate Member, you will be granted the exclusive privilege of waiving each of your approved hosts' $499.99 onboarding fee when they sign up using your MEMBER CODE! That means your approved hosts will receive a FREE IoWE hotspot!*

For every approved & successfully onboarded hotspot host you sign up using your chosen unique MEMBER CODE, you'll earn a commission of their hosted hotspot's rewards. How much commission? We leave it up to you to decide how much you & your network hosts earn.


IoWE allocates 60%** of each hotspot's earnings to you & your hosts. You'll both earn a percentage of each of your approved onboards according to your chosen member subscription level:

50% Host / 10% Member : $49.99/mo

40% Host / 20% Member : $149.99/mo

30% Host / 30% Member : $249.99/mo

20% Host / 40% Member : $349.99/mo

10% Host / 50% Member : $449.99/mo

One flat membership fee, as many hotspots as you can place.***

*Hosts responsible for shipping & handling.
**Rates subject to change.

***Must meet IoWE approval requirements. Subject to availability.

Your Hosts
Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 7.54.42 PM.png

Your host is instructed (not shown in example above) to select the hotspot option matching your MEMBER ID that you've provided to them along with your MEMBER CODE (you'll be assigned a Member ID & choose a MEMBER CODE when you sign up). When they proceed to checkout, their onboarding fee will be waived on behalf of your membership when they enter the MEMBER CODE & complete their order.

We ask that members emphasize in any marketing / sharing of their MEMBER CODE the importance of the APPLICATION address versus the SHIPPING address; the application address is where the hotspot will be physically placed - the shipping address is where the hotspot will be shipped once they have been approved & completed onboarding by checking out & e-signing the emailed Host Agreement.

Correctly set hotspot location is EXTREMELY important, as a correct address is key in ensuring valid activity & earning rewards!

Ready to start building YOUR network?
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