We're encouraging hands-on learning & development on #ThePeoplesNetwork by now offering complete DIY kits (to spec with our "Plug-and-Play Coverage Mappers")!

Included in this kit are the following:

  • 1x CubeCell GPS-6502 development board
  • 1x 3D printed enclosure/case
  • 1x MicroUSB/USB power supply & data transfer cable (3')


Your kit comes pre-assembled and ready to flash with the firmware of your choosing! (We of course recommend starting with Helium Coverage Mapping.)


This kit supports the US915 regional frequency.



Please do not contact support for assistance with configuring / using your kit(s); we are unable directly support DIY efforts at this time -- check out our Plug-and-Play option if you just want to get straight to mapping!

DIY Coverage Mapper Kit (US915)

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